The bloody events of February 18-19 have moved Viktor Yanukovych’s regime to a position outside of the law. Ukraine’s authorities have begun a war against their own people, who have been defending their dignity and their rights. Therefore, we call on:            – Our compatriots – to stop the fratricide and bloodshed;            – Police […]

The Berkeley Blog, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, associate professor of economics NaUKMA alumnus, now associate professor of economics at the University of California, at Berkeley, Yuriy Gorodnichenko published an article analyzing the current situation in Ukraine. Squeezed between European super powers, Ukraine is no stranger to tensions, but it has been a remarkably peaceful country in the […]

A mini-course by Reuven Kiperwasser to be read at NaUKMA on February 10-13 This course includes an introductory part and a selection of readings. In its introductory part, the course will survey the development of the rabbinic literature from the oral tradition, namely Torah shebealpe, to the main works of this literature: Mishna, Tosephta, Palestinian […]

   Dear friends! We believe that in such a hard time for Ukraine we all – representatives of business, science, and arts – need more than ever consolidation and understanding that being together we can reach goals which would seem unreachable to each of us separately. We need to concentrate now on the main thing, […]

The political confrontation that has emerged in Ukraine during the past two months has passed through several stages of development. It represents the reaction of civil society to the refusal of the signing of an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, the brutal beatings of students on Independence Square in Kyiv on the […]

A new publication by NaUKMA President Serhiy Kvit at University World News The Ukrainian word maidan has Turkish origins. Its closest synonym is the word ‘square’. But maidan is a place for discussing and solving problems that are significant for every member of the community. People do not gather for those reasons regularly. This happens […]

Joseph Zissels answered questions of Alina Dain Sharon, editor of international Jewish news agency 1. What is your official stance on the mass protests as the Chairman of the Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations (VAAD) Ukraine? First of all, let me say that I have only one position in virtually all matters of […]

Leader of the Congress of Etnic Communities of Ukraine Josef Zissels delivered a speech at the People’s Assembly of Euromaidan, during the Day of Dignity, December 15, 2013 “To Freedom Ours and Yours!” Good day to the honored gathering. In 2004 I stood here, at this very Independence Square, this very Maidan, at the stage […]

renewed investigation in-light of the current mass-protests taking place in Ukraine and invites for cooperation. Principal Investigator (2007-2013) Dr. Olga Onuch,  University of Oxford, Nuffield College Co-investigator (2013) Dr. Tamara Martsenyuk, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy The Project: The Ukrainian Protest Project involves a group of researchers at the University of Oxford, Harvard University and National […]

Op-ed — by Marta Farion, Dec. 16, 2013, KyivPost Much has been written about Ukraine’s divisiveness, but it is time to see Ukraine in the present and stop repeating old perceptions.  As Fareed Zakaria stated in his article Why Ukraine is in turmoil, “Much has changed since 1654. The forces of democracy, globalization, trade, and technology […]

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