On May 15, students and friends came to the university’s campus to donate blood on a volunteer basis. Student Anastasia Shamshur volunteered for second time. She said, “It is not that I like to do this, but I do it because it may serve some good for others who need blood.” Yulia Ishutkina, a first year student of economics commented, “Why not help others”, explaining her motivation for donating. Yevhen Tatarenko donated for the fourth time and also expressed altruistic sentiments.


Yulia Yaroshenko was one of the organizers of the Blood Donors Day nine years ago, when she was a master’s student at the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Public Health. She returned to donate this year as well, and recalled that she and her colleagues conducted a survey when they began the project that showed most people believed in myths about donating blood and were afraid to volunteer. But Yulia and her colleagues began a campaign for altruism and accurate information. As a result, there are now many donors among Kyiv-Mohyla students and others.


The tradition to donate blood at the university was initiated together by Yulia and Ihor Zhohov and Maria Zakharchenko. After consulting faculty member Dr. Ihor Perehinets, who at the time worked at the World Health Organization, students were encouraged by him and started a tradition that expanded that Blood Donors Day to several times per year and even to other cities of Ukraine.” They also established the country-wide non-profit organization “Club of Blood Donors”. Donors leave their contacts so that they may be called at times of urgent need. “We helped many people right here within the walls of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, said Yulia Yaroshenko. She added that she is encouraged by the positive resonse as each year there are more volunteers.

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