National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” embarked on the Digital University Project – a unified, integrated university information environment and system that services educational, research, and administrative activities using contemporary technology and systems. In other words, the Academy strives to be Ukraine’s leading university in the digital age.

The project is being implemented in stages over several years. Stages completed include online course registrations, online students assessment of quality of education surveys (Q & A), online admissions system, Office 365 as the unified communications system on campus. All technical and programming work has been performed in-house by university IT experts and the IT Department at no extra cost and its value is not calculated in the stated budget.

In 2017, the budget of the project was $580,000 USD. The largest sources of funding have been from the university’s budget and donations in Ukraine, and the balance from grants, fundraising in the United States (KMFoundation) and the university’s IT Department.

The projected year of COMPLETION is 2020, for a fully integrated digital information campus that will include all necessary teaching, learning, research, management and administration activities. The next 3 years will include connecting the entire campus and each department with wireless network, updating servers, establishing programs for distance learning, developing and installing authorization systems, managing digital libraries, the virtual museum, institutional repositories, websites, course scheduling, support of E-learning, on-line surveys, all E-services, developing and offering on-line certificate courses, including learning management system, for example Canvas, and other related tasks, equipment, and programs.

The balance of the budget for completion is $900,000 USD to be raised by a combination of sources, including donations in the United States and Canada from generous individuals who understand the importance of the project.

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