The Kyiv Post founded the Top 30 Under 30 award a year ago to celebrate those who have achieved success and contributed to society at an early age. This year, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation sponsored the award. The list includes activists, athletes, politicians, volunteers, soldiers, entrepreneurs and journalists.

We are proud that five graduates of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy were included in this list of top young leaders.


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Berlinska speaking

Roman Tychkivsky with his wife Yuliya Tychkivska, director of Aspen Institute in Ukraine winner last year



Speech by Margo Gontar at the Awards Ceremony

Hello everyone. And thank you very much. It’s an honor to receive this award. It means quite a lot to me. It means that I’m on a right track.
That we are on a right track, since this award wouldn’t be possible without the relentless work of our whole brave StopFake team which I am proud to be part of . Thank you for this recognition of our efforts.
When I was a kid, it felt like everything had been decided and already done long before us. That we can influence nothing, and it will be just this – not awful, neither magnificent. Just an average something.
I read history but all those stories about those other Ukrainians, who risked, who dared, felt so distant, so surreal.
And then Maidan started and changed everything.
And all these stories suddenly became not someone else’s but mine.
It’s my people who were there, fighting on Maidan. My people fighting on the frontline. My people being the best in startups, being diplomats, discovering new formulas.
Suddenly it appeared that we, we are now those Ukrainians who risk, and dare.
It was my first time feeling like a Ukrainian.
And being proud about it.
Then we started StopFake with everyone in Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism, to refute fakes about Ukraine, and it’s now our third year. Can you believe that. I still remember when we did the 7th video digest and I thought it’s the seventh, wow! Wow’ yeah, wow, we have like the 200th coming up next month.
Being a Ukrainian to me now means not just only to be a citizen of this country. It means being ready for a change. It means being this change.

I’m honored that I’m receiving this award alongside these other New Ukrainians, who dare and risk.
It feels good to be the change. And I believe that each and all of us are and will be the change that is needed in Ukraine and in the world. Thank you very much



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