Congratulations on your Accomplishments!

1-Kate Gornostai 2

Kateryna Hornostay (Biology 2010; Journalism 2012).  Film director, participant in national and international film festivals and contests.  Congratulations on the new art exhibit “Priamotok”, at the Olena Zamostyan Art Gallery at National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” on September 20. 


Vadim Karpjaka (Culture Studeis 2008; Political Science 2001).  Congratulations  on the appointment as host of the ICTV television program “Freedom of Speech” (Свобода Слова), one of the most respected social-political talk shows in Ukraine.  


Pavlo Kovtoniuk (Social Work 2006; Management of Public Health 2008). Faculty member of Kyiv-Mohyla School of Public Health.  Congratulations on the appointment to the position of Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Health for Reforms.

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