The analytical center CEDOS, a non-profit organization that ranks Ukrainian universities for best practices, has ranked Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in the No. 1 position for transparency in communicating university policies to faculty members, students, entrants, and the general public on the university website.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy received 8 points out of 8 possible points on the category of “Information on International Mobility”. CEDOS monitors 186 universities in Ukraine to rank for transparency and openness through information to students, faculty members, and applicants.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy was awarded the leading position for its online access to its catalogue of courses and disciplines, and its detailed information about international exchanges, and its open access to employment opportunities.

Access to information serves as a ground for implementation of effective quality assurance mechanisms. This factor is even more important under conditions of decentralization that has begun in Ukrainian higher education. The autonomy of universities must be accompanied by their transparency and openness to teachers, students, entrants and general public. In fact, access to information is one of the 10 internal quality assurance standards (ESG) which were agreed at the conference of Ministers of Education of the European Higher Education Area in Yerevan in 2015.

Having information about study programs applicants and students are able to make more informed decisions in order to create their own educational path. Financial transparency is the key to building confidence among general public as well as donors and patrons which is especially important for the future development of institutions. Administrative transparency is a foundation to spread the information about rights and responsibilities of all of the educational process’ participants, to promote academic integrity, combat corruption, nepotism and rights’ violations of students and teachers in higher education.

The study of transparency in universities was carried out under the project “Ukrainian Think Tank Development Program” of International Fund “Renaissance” (IRF) in cooperation with the Think Tank Fund (TTF) and with financial support from the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine (SIDA).

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