On June 19th , National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy hosted Charles Taylor,  eminent Canadian philosopher, known for his contributions to political philosophy, the philosophy of social science, and intellectual history, at a presentation of his book,  A Secular Age.  Duh I Litera  (http://duh-i-litera.com/),  a publishing house of National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, obtained the rights to translate and publish the book in Ukrainian.

Charles Taylor, emeritus professor of philosophy at McGill University, doctor of philosophy from Oxford University, is the author of Hegel (1975) and Sources of the Self (1989), and the winner of the 2013 prestigious Templeton Prize, awarded for advancement and research of spiritual matters.  At the presentation, Dr. Taylor was introduced by Troy Lulashnyk, Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine.

A Secular Age, a 874 page treatise, offers the author’s perceptions about secularism in our age. Professor Taylor disputes the idea that with the advancement of science and democracy, spiritual concerns retreated to the margins of life.  Dr. Taylor states that God is still a very strong presence in our modern world, and that opening the mind to moral inquiry and sensibility is the gateway to religion.

National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy has three publishing houses.  Duh i Litera, publishes books by international and Ukrainian authors in philosophy, history, law, sociology, political science, literature and art, and includes research in literature and research in spiritual and ethical issues.  The co-directors of Duh i Litera are Kostiantyn Sihov and Leonid Finberg  http://duh-i-litera.com/about/ .  The universetie’s publishing house KM-Akademia  publishes books of Ukrainian authors and translations of international authors http://km-academia.ukma.kiev.ua/info.htm.  The director of KM-Akademia Publishing House is Olena Sudakova.  The Publishing and Printing Center of NaUKMA, services the printing needs of the university, including books and journals.  The director of the Center is Andriy Afonin http://www.ukma.edu.ua/index.php/resursi/432-vidavnicho-poligrafichni-tsentr.

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