Dzvinka Kachur is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Sciences and Policy.  Ms. Kachur completed her Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences at National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy in 2005, another Master’s degree in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy at Oxford University a year later, and she continues her work toward her doctorate at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

From 2007 to 2011 she joined the faculty of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy as a lecturer in environmental governance, strategies for sustainable developed, sustainable community development, and basics in ecology. As a knowledge specialist, she also worked as an information and public awareness officer at the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine,supporting community development projects at Chornobyl-affected areas, conducting trainings for community leaders, supervising sociological surveys, conducting trainings for communities on radiation safety, safe living, information management.

Ms. Kachur is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish and French. Her older brother Roman Kachur graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy School of Economics, and introduced her to the university and to his friends. While an undergraduate student, Dzvinka was active in student activities, participated in the annual Christmas traditions of “Vertep”, and belonged to the university organization “Green Wave” dedicated to ecology. After graduation, she located her first job through the university’s Job Center.

While at Oxford, Dzvinka was impressed with the multiculturalism of British society, and the opportunity to study and discuss issues with eminent professors and researchers. When she returned to Ukraine, she found a position with the United Nations in Ukraine related to ecological and social issues of the post-Chornobyl era.

Her fascinating professional background led to her current position in an 18-month program monitoring and evaluating programs in South Africa with local NGOs. She is currently in the Cape Town area and shares her observations in a special interview for Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (in Ukrainian – click below).

In a recent interview she stated that despite South Africa’s beauty of nature, wealth of natural resources, and the rich culture of the people, “the socio-economic inequities and the corrosive effect of corruption suppresses the country’s development”. Recognizing similar issues in Ukraine, she commented that, “the sharp divisions that are quickly expanding the gap between economic classes in Ukraine may eventually cause social unrest unless addressed now.”

Dzvinka Kachur will be returning to Ukraine soon. She considers her new understanding of other societies to be of great benefit for her work in Ukraine’s transitional period. In her recent interview, Ms. Kachur commented that her years at Kyiv Mohyla Academy provided her with lifelong friendships and unique contacts. She commented, “This is perhaps the most important benefit of my life at Kyiv Mohyla Academy – the lifelong friendships and the understanding that education is a lifelong learning process. I wish to all students to open their minds to the world and other people, and to stay in touch with them throughout their lives.”

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